Mercury and Mars Retrograde: The Underlying Question

Desire is one of those elements at the core of the human emotional engine.



Eric Francis Coppolino's 20th Anniversary with Chronogram
An interview with astrologist Eric Francis Coppolino, celebrating his 20 years with Chronogram.


Mars Retrograde: What Do You Want?

Our planet began its passage between Mars and the Sun recently, which astrologers call Mars retrograde. That started April 17 and ends June 29. Mars is rarely retrograde, so this qualifies as a special event.


The Illusion and the Reality of Conservatism

Over Valentine's Day weekend, Antonin Scalia, who had served on the Supreme Court for 29 years, died while on a hunting vacation in Texas.


David Bowie: Memoir of When Sex Was for Fun

Remembering the glam rock icon for his influence on sex culture and the right to be different.


Global Warming and the Potluck Dinner

Were I the commander in chief, I would say: “Go forth and meet up somewhere with your casseroles! Don’t forget to keep it gluten free if you can.”


Vision Quest: Into the Mysteries of 2016

People are driven by religious belief far more than they recognize. Religion has done a fine job of taking over all ideas about creation of life, birth and death. It is an unconscious relationship with death in particular that drives people to cling to their beliefs. But then along the way, sex has been corrupted and nearly everyone is convinced that there’s something wrong with it.


Fire on the Mountain

Though the Sun is now in Scorpio, there is some unusual activity going on over in Libra and one sign back in Virgo.


Naked Coffee

In the eight years I've been living in uptown Kingston (I moved here from Belgium in 2007), I've watched it grow from a place where I could make tumbleweed jokes to a thriving community where nobody gets my tumbleweed jokes anymore.


Jupiter in Virgo: Use What You Know

In astrology, Jupiter represents style trends, among many other things. The largest of the planets (1,200 times the size of Earth) orbits our Sun in about 12 years, exerting so much gravity on our central star that the Sun oscillates as Jupiter tugs on it.


Postcards From the Edge

Our friendly little New Horizons robot flew through the Pluto-Charon system one Tuesday morning in mid-July, and people have been talking about it. It's beautiful how much everyone seems to care. Mike Brown, a professor at Caltech and the discoverer of Eris (and therefore the demoter of Pluto), was right the first time around—Pluto is a cultural planet. Regardless of what it may be scientifically, people care, and they love Pluto.


Know When You Don't Know

I think about this concept a lot—how to know when you don't know. For most people I run it past, it's like a Zen koan, similar to "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" In this case, we could ask, "What happens when you rub one brain cell together?"


Life With and Within the Robot

The Internet is an environment, and by a definition I like to work with—that of Marshall McLuhan—an environment is an invisible phenomenon. Most people do not consider the Internet a robot, but that's exactly what it is, and it's exactly how we use it.


What the Karmapa Said

Karma Triyana Dharmachakra monastery in Woodstock is the Karmapa's North American base. He was here on his second visit to the United States when he offered a teaching at UPAC in Kingston on April 18.



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