Each month, Eric Francis Coppolino offers in-depth free horoscopes for all 12 astrological signs—Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. These popular and widely read monthly horoscopes focus on major life trends, like relationships, careers, family, and personal well-being.


In the Belly of the Internet

We are now at the point where we live our lives through a gigantic robot, which keeps time in nanoseconds and remembers everything we write, nearly everything we say, many things we see, and knows nearly everything we do.

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Aries for February 2015

You seem to be getting involved with people in new ways.

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Taurus for February 2015

You're getting a chance to experience what it's like to be driven by a purpose you are fully confident in.

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Gemini for February 2015

Belief is a power that I suggest everyone be familiar with the workings of, and the effects of.

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Cancer for February 2015

Pay attention to your various transactions, be they monetary, sexual, social, barter, or business.

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Leo for February 2015

It seems that despite an inconvenience or some external need to rearrange your relationships, you're feeling an outpouring of devotion to the people in your life.

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Virgo for February 2015

You may need to consciously focus yourself on staying on-task with work, and in harmony with your intimate relationships.

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Libra for February 2015

So much of some things, so little of some others.

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Scorpio for February 2015

One reason self-esteem is such a difficult issue to get a hold on is because of this other thing called projection.

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Sagittarius for February 2015

Conventional astrology would say that Saturn in your sign may be describing certain limitations or boundaries.

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Capricorn for February 2015

The message of your chart seems to be: There is no value other than inherent worth.

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Aquarius for February 2015

One of the most distinctive shifts from the old year to the new year is that of externalization.

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Pisces for February 2015

Step out of your own way and allow your radiance to light up the landscape around you, and guide others to you.

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Planet Waves Weekly

Intentional Expansion–and Mercury Stationing Direct

Believe it or not, we’re almost at the end of Mercury’s retrograde through Aquarius. Before you cheer, however, we have its “storm” phase to navigate in the days just before and after it stations direct Feb. 11. Along the way, there’s something akin to a second Full Moon (with a distinct positive side) to make things interesting.

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Work the Big Picture, Mind the Details, and Feel All the Feelings

On the mental level, this is a "big picture" kind of weekend, one where you could get some really productive planning or creative visioning going. This is thanks to Mercury in Aquarius opposing Jupiter in Leo. At the same time, your emotional landscape will likely be varied (and palpable) thanks to the Cancer Moon making a variety of aspects.

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All’s Fair? Try Love, Not War

Saturday is Valentine’s Day -- a commercial holiday that either makes you giddy or fills you with dread if you buy into the hype, or leaves you completely nonplussed if you do not. Some fitting astrology is in the works this weekend, though you’ll have to choose for yourself how you use it.

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