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A Poem: Leda’s Ambiguities 

It was consensual:

something I thought

I wanted.

...something about Trotsky

and an ice pick—

I thought there was more;

I thought he wouldn't die.

I had made love before—

but, I realized,

never (been) fucked


I was emptied,

invaded, by a stranger.


thought he

was a—

I wanted to fly

to Bohemia;

I trusted him.

We were two strangers

disappointed by

one another;

neither of us turned

out to be what

the other one


We were disappointments

to one another—

There was no sensuality involved;

it wasn't what

you wanted.

Want me to go

and break his nose?

I've made

repeated attempts

to drive my point home:

You're looking for love

in all the wrong places.

Do you understand now

what an empty

act it can be?

He shouldn't have pressured



is nothing

like flying.


was nothing

like Utopia.

Trust is something you earn;

he was a stranger.

Do you understand now

what we had

and consider it a possibility

that at some point,

we might return

to what was?

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