THE POT Rx: Medical Marijuana is Coming to New York

Amid a vaporous haze of anticipation, medical marijuana is coming to New York.


The Stem Cell Solution

An experimental therapy is injecting hope and healing into the fight against multiple sclerosis.


Flower Empowered

Making your own herbal medicine is easy, earthy, and exuberantly healing.
In our culture of CVS convenience, it's all too easy to hand over our health to a brand-name label or Big Pharma script. People like Maia Toll remind us that there's another way—a simpler, connected-to-the-earth way of taking charge of our own bodies.


Surviving Cancer

For A Growing Number of Lucky People, Cancer Is Losing Its Death Grip
It may seem a bold, even risky statement to say that cancer today is becoming less of a death sentence and more of a chronic illness that can be managed with vigilance and care. (Plenty of people caught in the final fire of disease, and their loved ones, would disagree.) Yet doctors and researchers in the oncology world see this happening for certain people and types of cancers—especially breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer, among others—thanks to an arsenal of very limber and precise modern medical treatments.


Lyme Lessons

One doctor finds that Lyme disease has a lot to teach us about epidemics, chronic illnesses, and a medical establishment in need of a paradigm shift.


Doctor Dog

The Therapeutic Canine
How dogs can help you heal.



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