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Chronogram publishes sections covering local, national, and environmental news, including columns from Larry Beinhart, Brian Mahoney, and Jason Stern. From the Hudson Valley and beyond, check out our take on news and politics.

Community Notebook


Praise, opprobrium, and corrective notes from our fans and directors.

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General News & Politics

While You Were Sleeping

Successfully uterus transplants, the rise of animal cruelty cases, the UN's dependence on troops from developing nations for peacekeeping operations, and more of the gist of what you may have missed.

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Beinhart's Body Politic: If You're A People

Larry Beinheart explains why a corporation should not be considered a person.

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While You Were Sleeping: September 2014

The gist of what you may have missed.
Smoking rates in America decrease, Banksy street art defaced in England, a camera-equipped drone crashed into its largest hot spring in Yellowstone National Park, and many more.

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Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Brian K. Mahoney is having problems with his neighbors.

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Editor's Note

Deny yourself nothing day.
Think of it as the opposite of a national holiday—no parades, no bank closings, no days off for dead presidents.

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Remembering James Foley

James Foley, who was killed by ISIL militants on August 19, was a Chronogram contributor. He reported from Afghanistan for the magazine in 2010. A remembrance.

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The Better Angels

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National News & Politics

Despite being a local publication, Chronogram has four features addressing issues of national importance. In Chronogram’s While You Were Sleeping section, we recap national and international news stories that may have passed you by, focusing on the weird and wacky. Every month we also feature columns from Chronogram publisher Jason Stern, editor Brian Mahoney, and Body Politic columnist Larry Beinhart. Beinhart focuses on hard news, routinely writing left-leaning opinion pieces on the top stories of the month. Mahoney touches on similar issues in his Editor’s Note columns, frequently tying current events to literature and the arts. Stern’s column addresses more philosophical issues, asking questions like, “Does power corrupt?” and “What does it mean to lead a successful life?”

Local News & Politics

Chronogram features extensive coverage of the Hudson Valley’s local news, focusing on the people, stories, and events shaping politics in our area. The Community Notebook section includes event descriptions, investigative pieces, and Local Luminary features. Local Luminary stories contain interviews with major figures in our community, including educators, politicians, and those in the arts.

Environmental Issues

Chronogram has several sections detailing issues involving the Hudson Valley’s ecology. Being at the very center of our valley, the Hudson River has naturally also been the center of our area’s environmental movement. Led by Pete Seeger and the Clearwater organization, there has been great progress in cleaning the river once, and too often still, considered a garbage dump. The debate over whether New York should practice hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has also been a top environmental concern over recent year. As governor Cuomo continues to decide on whether to allow the practice, a recurring segment, Frack Watch, monitors the debate.