Poetry Brothel

Poetry Brothel

The Poetry Brothel transforms BSP in Kingston into a turn-of-the-century Bordello on September 17.


Poem: Time Out

Time Out If I jump on the bed

Poem: Wake

My neighbor dies the other day. Today I go to his wake.

Poem: From "To Write"

A pillowy kingdom, some hidden cave— an exquisite silence is what I crave

Poem: Making Love in Middletown

the yellow paint on your bedroom walls is the opening act for the sunlight.

Poem: Blindside: for Bam at 103

Your ravaged eyes picture librettos long known by heart,

Poem: The County Active Fair

And at county active fairs Young girls buy ribbons

Poem: Vows

Vows The night of the wedding

Poem: What Not to do if They Hate You

do not give. do not hide.

Poem: Untitled

You leaned forward So I could hear...

Poem: Gone Like the Wind

He hovered over me, watched my every move.

Poem: Pragmatic Musings

Do not) tell me I am a bright-eyed child

Poem: Green Vegetation

Green vegetation Manufactured in bulk by

Poem: Constellations

i love

Poem: Autumn Burlesque

They dance on the leftover air of September Still showing their full green gowns

Poem: [Untitled 323]

It all seems new; the sky hasn't been this color since Antietam. And everything is calm.


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    • How can someone contact this author

    • on September 7, 2016
  • Re: Poem: Mattering

    • Mary our hearts break for you and Ron as well as the kids. just unbearable…

    • on August 31, 2016
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