Poem: "Ode to a Macaroon"

Ode To A Macaroon A macaroon goes in my mouth and

Poem: "The Artist"

The Artist Hold those darts

Poem: "You Should Have This"

You Should Have This You left a poem

Poem: "Open"

Open I left the office open

Poem: "Saturday Poetry Workshop: What Have You Learned"

Saturday Poetry Workshop: What Have You Learned? I learned ... that a huge weight lifted off my shoulders just moves

Poem: "Cannonsville in the Catskills, New York"

Cannonsville, NY, was flooded in 1964 to make way for the Cannonsville Reservoir. Cannonsville in the Catskills, New York

Poem: "Labor Day, Upstate NY"

Labor Day, Upstate NY The familiar great blue heron visits again on Labor Day,

Poem: "Near Gupo Station"

Near Gupo Station Up at 3 A.M.

Poem: "A Swimmer's Mind"

A Swimmer's Mind LAP ONE: Did I close the garage door?

Poem: "Kitchen Haiku"

Kitchen Haiku A large slotted spoon

Poem: "Atlas"

Atlas I'll draw out a map

Poem: "The Piano Lesson"

The Piano Lesson a moth floats across warm summer grass

Poem: "Moon Language"

Moon Language We should still

Poem: "Chasing the Wind"

Chasing the Wind In the Bible

Poem: "Frames"

Frames Days sealed with goodnight kiss are unbattered frames

Poem: "Phase"

Phase These were the kids who'd try to pick the white out of TV static


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