Poem: "Untitled"

Untitled The elephants,

Poem: End of Now

End of Now What today is this?

Poem: Tahiti

Tahiti The silvered man sipped his single malt

Poem: The Heart That Is Broken

The Heart That Is Broken A friend said, "Your heart is strong"

Poem: Zeroing In

Zeroing In She takes aim

Poem: Columbus Day

Columbus Day I like to think I become Atticus Finch

Poem: The Corner of Reality and Mine

The Corner of Reality and Mine I'm from the land of getting over,

Poem: Another Spin on the Loneliness Wheel

Another spin on the loneliness wheel She lives alone in her Studio City home

Poem: Released Into the Wild

Released Into The Wild I see the jungle as it is:

Poem: The Blight

The Blight The robust memories of last year's crop,

Poem: Nesting

Nesting A red bird hides in the gutters of my grandmother's house

Poem: Love

Love The rain falls

Poem: Gone

Gone Before the cursor even hit the screen

Poem: Waking Up With The Blue State Blues

Waking up with the Blue State Blues America!

Poem: Big, Beefy Guys With Ponytails

Big, Beefy Guys With Ponytails

Poem: Welcome to the Suck

Welcome to the Suck I'm quitting cigarettes, probably


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Fri., Dec. 2, 6 p.m. — The event will be facilitated by students from Bard College. The library...

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