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The Pisces Full Moon and Your Power to Choose 

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Our minds and our emotions work in tandem: how we happen to be feeling at the moment when we encounter a situation, person or idea can influence our thoughts about it. At the same time, our thought patterns and belief systems influence how we articulate and manage our emotions; they reflect how much power we believe we have (or do not have) over how we feel. We often have more power of choice in these matters than it seems.

Between now and the weekend, the astrology is addressing these themes quite directly through the movements of Mercury, which rules the mind, and the Moon, which rules our emotions.

First, Mercury: this fastest planet enters Libra today (Aug. 27) at 11:44am EDT. Mercury in Libra describes balance in communication, especially in partnerships. Because of Libra’s association with justice, you may notice an increased desire to be honest and to consider all sides of an issue before making a decision.

This kind of positive mental environment encourages interest in what others think, which is a boon for team building and collaborative endeavors. The caution comes in getting so caught up in looking at an issue from every perspective that you never actually act or make a decision.

That kind of vacillation or perfectionism is especially worth your attention since Mercury enters its pre-retrograde echo (or ‘shadow’) phase Friday. This is not a reason to freak out. But it is a reason to begin noticing your thought processes with increasing awareness as we near Mercury’s station retrograde on Sept. 17.

As for the Moon: we’re quickly approaching the Pisces Full Moon, exact at 2:35pm EDT Saturday. This is the Moon in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo.

What is especially interesting about this chart is the planets conjunct the Sun and Moon. This includes both the traditional and modern rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, respectively.

The Sun is conjunct Jupiter (this was exact Wednesday), an aspect that suggests vitality in body and spirit. In Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury, it also indicates mind-expanding activities. It’s generally an incredibly positive aspect, particularly if, as astrologer Rob Hand has written, you believe that your personal growth occurs though the inclusion of others in your life.

Yet a hypothetical point called Transpluto in early Virgo emphasizes that you might need to check whether you’re behaving as though you can only grow at the expense of others. One clue might be that you’re especially critical of yourself or a partner in terms of how well your healing journey is or is not going; or you’re insistent about which way is the ‘right’ way.

On the other side of the wheel, flanking the Moon (which is particularly dreamy, emotionally sensitive, psychic and creative in Pisces) are Neptune and the centaur planet Nessus. Neptune aspects are slippery. On the positive side, Neptune’s affinity for creativity and ‘universal love’ holds great potential.

But we are imperfect humans interacting with other imperfect humans; and so more often Neptune signals to us that we need to be careful with things like denial, deception, drugs and illusions. In an opposition, Neptune can make it very easy to project your visions—positive and negative—onto another person; leaving you prone to overlooking their reality as well as your own.

Nessus, for its part, is associated with old patterns (painful or abusive in some way) that we’ve inherited—and which we now have the power to stop. That last bit is key, and ties into that idea of how much power of choice you actually have in how you think of things and how you feel about them.

As you begin your weekend, ask yourself which you believe more: the old story of your pain, and others’ role in it? Or your power to choose, create and grow? Once you see what your mind and emotions are doing, it’s amazing how the world can shift—no delusions necessary.

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