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Not everyone who is out of work because of coronavirus qualifies for Unemployment Insurance or other forms of aid, and artists are likely to have an especially difficult time receiving assistance from programs based on job loss rather than loss of income. Luckily, there are several new programs in New York that are aimed at helping supporting arts through increasing exposure for their virtual events, funding new projects, or awarding unrestricted cash grants to stay financially afloat.

A longer list of artist relief programs and emergency funding opportunities can be found on the Arts Mid-Hudson website.

Stipend For Hudson-Based Projects

The Hudson Arts Emergency Program seeks to ease the financial burden that individual artists are experiencing as COVID-19 diminishes their earnings by commissioning new works. Stipends of $500, $1,000, and $2,000 will be awarded to artists that propose murals, instrumental works, film or photo series, or any other visual project that document life in Hudson, NY during the pandemic. The program is accepting donations via PayPal, which are tax-deductible.

A Grant For The Artist’s Assistant

The Emergency Relief Program, administered by NYFA, is supplying one-time $2,000 grants to freelance or contract visual arts workers who operate behind the scenes— art handlers, artist assistants, digitalizers, archivists, registrars, and the like. A collaboration between the Willem de Kooning Foundation, the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, the Teiger Foundation, and the Cy Twombly Foundation, the $1.25 million fund aims to aid non-salaried creative assistants in the tristate area. The application process consists of three cycles, beginning May 5. You can also donate to the fund.

Promotional Funding for the Stay-At-Home Artist

Normally, DoNYC’s mission is to encourage people to go out and experience everything New York has to offer, but as social distancing continues to force people to find entertainment from their own homes, they’ve switched focus to increase the visibility of artists, bartenders, promoters, and fundraisers as they find new ways to do their work in a virtual setting. DoNYC is offering $1 million in promotional media through their website, daily email, and social channels for those trying to reach a larger audience from home. Resourceful bartenders hosting virtual cocktail hours from their kitchens, musicians streaming a live performance from their couch, and venue promoters and partners who are out of work right now can apply to DoNYC’s grant program.

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