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Under the snow
Things can be found
A key
A wallet
A seed
A filmed single sunglass lens.

Within an old vase
That no one has cleaned for months
Objects of interest could reside
A leaf
The dry husk of a bug
That hid in the stiff dark green ferns
Of a dear bouquet
Presented at the precise moment
The fish had to be taken out of the oven
Or it would toughen.

Inside of a heart
There can be a space
Leftover from a barely noticed remark
That became a gash
Small and raw
Which left a thin shadow of scar
That throbs when the humidity rises.

But within a soul
Whether you locate it in the brain
Or in the gut
A miraculous game of hide and seek can always be played.
That is where I found a picture of my beloved
Diving cleanly into the deep stony shaded lake
Where I learned to float on my back
Staring at the sky
Ignoring that the other creatures below
Knew I was there.

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