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Double Celled Organism | Time and Other Things That Don’t Exist


Somewhere between acoustic, ambient, cinematic, and lucid dreaming is the sweet spot this project calls home. The second album from Bill Brovold and Richard Carr’s Double Celled Organism feels both peculiar and familiar, like if the characters on “Deadwood” got into ayahuasca. Your whole mood shifts to a pensive and relaxed, fairly open, and semi-rustic state while listening, as if you’re at home while adventuring. “Cocaine Sniffle” reminds me more of elegant and moody koto music than a runny, fiendish nostril. Elsewhere, “Disaster in the Mine” takes advantage of deceptively meandering sonic elements to create consternation set to a jangly, jerky rhythm. Brovold plays guitar, banjo, drums, and home-made instruments. Carr plays violin, keys, and samples. Two expert veterans consistently at the frontier of the avant-garde scene, here showing their chops and combined mystique to full effect.

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