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Flor Bromley | Pachamama


On her third CD for kids and grownups, Flor Bromley delivers Pachamama, a multilingual Earth tribute (or un pago a la tierra). The name of the planet-praising title track means “Mother Earth,” sung in both English and Quechua (Bromley’s native Peruvian). A whopping 21 songs—half English, half Spanish—teach about diversity, eco-awareness, and our roles as caretakers of both the planet and our fellow people. Bromley and her assembly of prominent musicians explore a stylistic stew that includes huayno (Andes), bachata (Dominican Republic), tanguillo (Cadiz), Quebradita, tango, and other folk forms. The bachata “Drop of Water” probes the versatility of one tiny natural gift; the Peruvian hip-hop tune “Peas and Carrots” approaches nutrition as diversity; and the Tex-Mex-style “Let’s Move It!” encourages kids to dance off energy while learning anatomy. Bromley’s friendly vocals explore ocean mysteries, Inca life’s three stages, and shining your light in hopeless times. Animated bilingual videos can be found on her YouTube channel.

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