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Reeya Banerjee | The Way Up


The Way Up is probably my favorite album I have ever discussed in these pages. Reeya Banerjee might pendulum between the Hudson Valley and New York City, but her brilliant indie sound speaks to the universe at large within you/without you. The vocals scratched my Rainer Maria/Tele Novella itch while having a warmer, more soulful depth—and even more wit and attitude than those aforementioned, top-shelf true indie acts.

“Rag Doll” takes things to another level. Lyrics like “I’m desperate but confident / convincing myself that I’m hanging from a thread” are full of utterly relatable angst. “Need You There” makes me think of what it would be like if Scandal’s epic 1980s hit “Goodbye to You” was more ’90s/K Records-influenced—perfection. It’s thrilling to hear someone who’s really keeping awesome alt rock alive but isn’t overly commercial—just super catchy and insightful. Listening to this album feels like finding a way up.

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