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Slink Moss Explosion | Floating Ghost Hotel

(Hi-Style Records)

For over two decades, Slink Moss—a mysterious Chicago-spawned apparition who now haunts the Copake area—has been unconventionally twisting and tangling rockabilly roots. Floating Ghost Hotel, a 12-song collection recorded with guitar wizard Joel Paterson and longtime collaborator/producer Jimmy Sutton, is the latest delightful result. The album's all-analog atmosphere is agreeably swampy, and its energy thrillingly high, but what really sets Floating Ghost Hotel apart from the ducktail-and-slap-bass brigade is Moss's fevered imagination. "Magic of the Stone" goes on safari to a mythical Africa, while "Space Cowboy Number One" blasts off on sitar-powered engines. "Beware Beware" and "The Doors of Mr. Bones" are first-rate cryptobilly, and the creepy, creaky instrumental "Ballad X" could easily be subtitled "Music to Haunt By"—but even the more traditional-sounding tracks, like "Honey Bee Bop" and "Kool Kat," are a stone gas. You can check into Floating Ghost Hotel any time you like, but you may never actually want to leave.

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