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Parting Shot: Sara Skorgan Teigen
Sara Skorgan Teigen, Wall Explorations—New York, Oslo, and Marsailles, archival pigment prints, tape, and pencil, dimensions variable, 2014.

Norwegian artist Sara Skorgan Teigen is a lover of all things abstract. Fascinated by human nature and the unfamiliar, she experiments with different materials and media to give physical life to things we cannot see, such as microcosmos and emotions.

In Wall Explorations (2014), Teigen uses photographs, drawings, and wire to create a mix of both abstract and natural forms. The spatial installation is suspended from the ceiling with thin fish line, composed of three different layers of printed photography and sketches. With its hanging presentation, the piece becomes a floating wall of two-dimensional images of varying sizes, set in place yet able to move freely. The photos and illustrations are colored on one side with the other side blank, giving the sense that there is no intended front or back to the artwork. The work is currently being shown through March 30 at the Center for Photography at Woodstock, part of the "Tabula Rasa" exhibit curated by Ariel Shanberg, who describes the work as a "fluid piece" capable of countless different viewpoints depending on the position of the bystander. (845) 679-9957;

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