Poem: Basement Apartment | Poetry | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine
Down here, I know the lord has gained some weight
His heavy footsteps strain
Heaven’s hardwood floors
More and more I think the sky is going to fall

Up there, I know the lord is comfortable
I can hear him take dehumidified breaths
Opening his shades
To let sunlight flood his smile

Down here, the lord’s toilet flushes
Washed dishes and candlelight baths
Drain through the pipes
Where adorable little mice
With midnight eyes
Startle me
Startling them

Up there, the lord’s three dogs
Stampede through paradise
With their untrimmed paw nails
Scraping against heaven’s hardwood floors
When they lay down
Wagging their tails
I can hear my time running out

Down here, the lord forgets I exist
Except on the 1st of the month
When he opens the gates of heaven
And heavy foots it to my door
Requesting another month’s rent

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