Poem: State Fright Night | Poetry | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine
I am one of the wisest kids in my classroom.
Oh, how this will be my doom!

I have been chosen to talk to you,
Oh please, whatever you do don’t boo!

I need to be brave for my family and friends.
Oh, this might just be my end!

I feel so hot turn off the lights!
I hope I don’t make mistakes on this night!

I must overcome this fear of mine.
Oh no! I am afraid. I am out of time!

I open my mouth but I won’t talk,
My mouth feels like it is made of chalk!

I look in the crowd, and see my mom and dad.
Oh I hope I don’t do too bad!

I must fear no more,
Oh I hope I don’t get a bad score!

It worked and I can finally speak.
Oh, I feel like I am at my peak.

I know I am making so many mistakes.
Oh, please! Just give me a little break!

I am finally done and I feel like a winner.
Now to go home and eat my dinner!

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