Poem: The grass is still growing | Poetry | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine

“It grows fast if you feed it”
as the advertisement says
it grows even faster if you just let it grow
your neighbors will notice it
your wife will encourage you to mow it
but you will postpone it
it came to a point that you feel for the grass
“let it grow. let it grow” you’ll sing
an official from the village
with an official vehicle
leaves a ticket on your front door knob
the summons is one hundred twenty five dollars
you pay the summons and let the grass keep growing
a week later you look for your dog
and you find the grass is taller  then him
you let it grow
neighbors leave anonymous notes
on your front gate
that are not suited for this poem
and you find another ticket on your front knob
this time the fine is five hundred dollars
your wife moved to her mother’s house
this poem is going nowhere you’re saying to your self
and you bring the wife back home
you try to figure out another ending to the poem
you conclude that writing about grass growing is fruitless
you pay the fine of five hundred dollars
the grass is still growing
and the poem is still not done

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