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Sam Quartin is the singer of Hudson Valley punk band the Bobby Lees. The group’s newest album, Bellevue, is out October 7 on Ipecac Recordings. The Bobby Lees will perform at Colony in Woodstock on October 28.

Each month here we visit with a member of the community to find out what music they’ve been digging.

I’ve been obsessively listening to Glow On, the new Turnstile album. I guess I was late to the party here `cause it’s their fourth record and I just got turned on to them. My favorite tracks are “Holiday,” “Blackout,” “T.L.C.,” and “Mystery.” They’re labeled as a hardcore band, but I think that’s limiting. When I listen to Glow On, I feel like I’m floating in stardust on an aggressive spiritual quest. Haven’t seen them live yet `cause we’ve been touring a bunch, but I hope to catch them soon! Also, this track, “Watermelon,” by John and Jane Q. Public. It’s a song written for the two main characters in this recent indie film, Dinner in America. I fell in love with the duo in the movie and am now addicted to the song.

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