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According to Snyder, Irwin called the next day to say that when he played the disc in his car on the way home he was so affected that he had to pull over, going on to say he had listened to it three more times in full that evening. He told her that he was interested in starting a new wing of the label to feature contemporary artists, and asked if she’d like to be its debut act. Cue pixie-dust glissando: Retitled Blueberry, with Snyder reverting to her own name as the artist, the album formerly known as Organika will be re-released worldwide in February. It could only be a storybook fairytale.

“Actually, I do live in a fairytale,” says the bewitching pop maiden. “I really wish it was easier for me to exist in the real world. But it’s such a challenge trying to do that. Fairytales are so much better.”

Blueberry by Gwen Snyder will be released through Sundazed Music in February. The band Blueberry will perform at Backstage Studio Productions in Kingston on February 2 and at the Living Room in Manhattan on January 10.

Gwen Snyder will be playing at the Colony Cafe in Woodstock with the Laura Pepitone Show on Sunday, January 6. (845) 679-5342;

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