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“Yes, I can write about a lot of things
Besides the summer that I turned sixteen.
But that’s my ground swell.” —Mark Jarman

We all know this moment.
The blink in time
When lightning becomes fire,
When surprise becomes disappointment,
When life fails to be eternal,
Begrudgingly becoming terminal.

We all know this moment.
The camera’s flash
When your parents change,
From superheroes to ordinary,
When hopeful love turns to hopeless pain,
When the ground swell becomes a wave.

We all know this moment.
The sound of screeching tires
When your morality finds its mortality,
When fireworks become just chemical reactions,
When your stuffed animals
Stopped talking back.

We all know this moment.
The spark of a flame
When we found the spot that makes us laugh
And the one that makes us come,
When we found the truth behind poetry,
And when we woke up for the first time
And opened our eyes.

We all know this moment.

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