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Some people may spend these last weeks of winter soaking in the snow-covered slopes, but many of us just find ourselves waiting impatiently for the first signs of spring. Until warmer days are here again (and with them, all that mood-boosting Vitamin D), many cannabis connoisseurs are actually turning to their favorite plant for a little mid-winter pick-me-up that energizes and uplifts instead of locking them to the couch.

According to the knowledgeable team over at Canna Provisions dispensary in the Berkshires, both THC and CBD can help you get-up-and-go, especially when combined in the right ratio. Luckily, Canna Provisions’ Lee dispensary is located just 300 yards off the first exit into Massachusetts from New York State on I-90, so you can easily stop in on your next trip to or from the Berkshires to learn all about which cannabis products can give you the boost of energy you’re looking for.

Thanks to its education and consultative-based approach to cannabis retailing, Canna Provisions was voted the #1 Cannabis Dispensary in Massachusetts by Chronogram readers, so it’s definitely the place to pick up the best topicals, tinctures, gummies, chews, and baked goods, as well as some of the most premium craft cannabis flower in Western Massachusetts.

And since Canna Provisions is known for having one of the best selections and patient, personable private customer guides, you’ll want to give that in-store experience a go.

If you’re looking for the best edibles and tinctures for energy and uplift, Canna Provisions’ team just may direct you to something new from its exclusive Smash Hits cannabis line, like Chem 91, 3 Dog Giesel, Stay Puft, Wonka Bars, and more.

They’re just some of the dispensary’s excellent Berkshires-grown cannabis that can provide a pop of good vibes and energetic effects. (Interested in diving even deeper into its Smash Hits line? Be sure to check out the backstory on their popular UFJoe flower strain over at the Canna Provisions blog.)

Or, if you’re looking for the convenience and discretion of tinctures and swallowable pills, the team might suggest you turn to Howl’s Daytime tincture, which uses whole plant sativa cannabis for infusion; 1906 Go and 1906 Genius drops for sharpness and energy (just named the #1 edible in Massachusetts for December 2021 by industry data firm BDSA); or the Treeworks Sunrise Punch Sativa Daily Drops with full spectrum RSO that provides uplift and energy with full body effects.

Tinctures are also fantastic for quick dosing, and for using while cooking if you’re looking to make your own edibles at home. (Check out our past features with Canna Provisions on DIY edibles here and here.)

With energizing cannabis products like all these and more at your fingertips at Canna Provisions, your late-winter slump may have finally met its match.

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