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CBD Caramels from Soft Power Sweets

The days of grabbing a street corner dime bag as a holiday treat for your weed-lovin' loved ones are long gone. Cannabis gifts have evolved into an industry all of their own and the sheer range and variety of products available in the adult use market covers almost all imaginable nooks and crannies of daily life; bath and beauty products, edibles, tea; guitar cases. With the holiday season almost upon us, we dived headfirst into the world of ganja gifting to find out what's hot for stockings this year. 

CBD Caramels

Nothing says, "winter holidays" like a rich, velvety caramel. And now Soft Power Sweets of New Paltz (the latest venture from renowned vegan chocolatier Lagusta Yearwood) has created a CBD-infused alternative to the delicious, seasonal mix. Dipped in dark chocolate and coming in a range of flavors, chamomile cabernet, apple ginger, and maple latte (each designed to provide the consumer with a unique CBD experience), Soft Power caramels are almost entirely organic, including wild-foraged produce. Allergy warning, each product contains soy and coconut. Available online at Softerpowersweets.com

Hemp Guitar Case

Every instrument needs a safe and secure home. And life on earth needs a safe and secure planet. A hemp guitar case achieves both. This artisan, one-of-a-kind design at Hemp and Humanity in Woodstock, is derived from local, non-GMO hemp that has been third-party tested and vetted as safe from toxins and harmful additives. From a musician's perspective, it is a light, yet durable case, and will give your precious ax the protection it needs from a life of being played and loved.

Available at Hemp and Humanity in Woodstock.

THC Oral Spray

Now for something completely different. Yellow Labs of Middletown, Rhode Island has announced Pittsfield dispensary and producer, Berkshire Roots, will be the sole manufacturer and distributor of Canna Mist, a THC oral spray delivered directly into the mouth. Which means if you want something truly exclusive, this is the gift to get. Available in four varieties, Relax, Energy, Focus, and Recover, each is designed to give the user a discrete, scent-free approach to cannabis consumption.

Available at Berkshire Root in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Cooco Doob Tube

Why didn't they think of this before? Designed to protect your spliffs from all life can throw at them, the Doob Tube is an aluminum cylinder that matches the dimensions of a standard pre-rolled joint, and looks stylish to boot. What's more, the Doob Tube contains the odor of cannabis, while also being resistant to moisture, making it a pretty slick accessory. Want one that matches a certain look? The Doob Tube is available in four different colors (black, gold, gray, rose).

Available at Honey Cannabis in Gardiner and online at Honeyscannabis.com.

Raspberry-Lime Gummies

Move over, coffee! Fresh off the line at COAST Cannabis, this female-owned company from Wareham, Massachusetts has created a gummy designed to give consumers a boost of energy, as well as being able to fend off the munchies at the same time. And with 100mg of THC, they also pack a punch, but are nicely balanced at a 1:1:1 ratio of THC:THCV:CBD. Available at Canna Provisions locations in Lee and Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Puffco Plus Oils Vaporizer

Vaporizers are becoming increasingly widespread. There are almost endless options for cartridges, while dry herb has been cornered by some big players, such as Storz and Bickel in Germany. But remaining in their shadows is the consumer who wants a solid option for consuming concentrates. Until now. The Puffco Plus is an award-winning solution for vaporizing concentrates, and more than lives up to the accolades. Designed with the user in mind, the mouthpiece combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap, while a dart that comes from the mouthpiece allows consumers to scoop concentrates without making a mess. Available online at puffco.com.

Bath Bomb

Caveat emptor: This is not an actual explosive. Give bath time an aromatic edge with rose oil and rose essence blended with rose and hibiscus petals. The bomb is infused with 50mg of CBD, designed to soak into the body and offer intradermal relief. All natural ingredients, including organic full spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol and organic hemp seed oil. Available at Honey Cannabis in Gardiner and online at online at Honeyscannabis.com.

Vessel Cartridge Vapes

Speaking of the endless options for cartridge vaporizers, one product has come onto the market that might just find itself as the top dog. Powerful, robust, slender, and kind on the eye, Vessel's line of Flagship, Core, and Vista cartridges are impressive by any standard. Leading the pack, Flagship is powered by a 300mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery (nothing to be sniffed at), fits most 510 thread cartridges, and is designed to protect the oils from the elements, while still allowing the user to see the levels through a slit on the top of the pen. A nice touch are the designs with wood finishing, with each carved from real walnut. Available online at vessel.com

Red Lips Ashtray

Something for Rolling Stones and Madonna fans. This chic, retro ashtray pulls on the aesthetic popularized by the Stones' Hot Lips motif (seen on t-shirts everywhere) and colors it with MAC's Russian Red lipstick, which was crafted for Madonna to wear on her iconic Blonde Ambition tour in 1990. The makers of this ceramic statement piece describe it as "glamorously kitschy," (never have truer words been spoken), but that is exactly what to expect from Her Highness NYC. This "female-forward CBD couture" creates and distributes products developed by women, and excels at cool inventions that go beyond the norm. Available online at Herhighness.com.

Betty's Eddies Go Betty Go Watermelon Fruit Chews

Energizing edibles are all the rage this holiday season, and the vogue continues with Betty's Eddies Go Betty Go Watermelon Fruit Chews. Infused with L-theanine, caffeine extracted from coffee, and a blend of THC and THCV, these vegan, gluten-free treats are made from all natural products, including real watermelon. Expect a little less THC than the Raspberry-Lime gummies, exactly half at 50mg, but that does not detract from the efficacy and enjoyment of the edible. Available at Canna Provisions locations in Lee and Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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