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Podcast Episode 49: Natural Wine with Michael Drapkin
Michael Drapkin

Michael Drapkin, owner of Kingston Wine Co., came to wine like most us do, around the table, enjoying it with friends and food and conversation. Since his college days, Drapkin has been busy exploring the wide reaches of the wine world, traveling across Europe to meet winemakers and working in various capacities in the wine trade.

Podcast Episode 49: Natural Wine with Michael Drapkin

Kingston Wine Co., the retail shop he opened in Kingston's Rondout section in January, reflects Drapkin's belief that wine needs a context. Another way of putting this is to say that Drapkin likes wine with a story, a narrative. One of the more interesting stories unfolding in the wine world right now is that of natural wines, or uncorrected wines—nothing taken out, very little, if anything, added. Think organic and biodynamic farming practices, plus no sugar or industrial yeast added.

In this week's episode, Drapkin and I discuss how he got his start in the wine business, the pleasures of the table, and what the heck is up with natural wine.

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