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Affordable Housing Advocate/Activist

Winner: Rashida Tyler- Real Kingston Tenants Union and Ulster County Coalition for Housing Justice

Runner-Up: Alexandria Wojcik, Village of New Paltz Deputy Mayor

Runner-Up: Frank Robusto, RUPCO

Animal Welfare Advocate/Activist

Winner: Valerie Ellsworth, Nothing But Love Canine Foundation

Runner-Up: Gina Carbonari, Ulster County SPCA

Runner-Up: Kathy Stevens, Catskill Animal Sanctuary


Winner: Jennifer Delora

Runner-Up: Drew Miller

Runner-Up: Scott Michael Ackerman


Winner: Kathy Stevens, Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Runner-Up: Ric Orlando

Runner-Up: Thomas J Devens

Auto Mechanic

Winner: Eli, Fleet, New Paltz, (845) 255-4812, [email protected]

Runner-Up: Kevin, Hans Auto, New Paltz, (845) 255-8130, [email protected]

Runner-Up: Mike, My Mechanic Inc, Lake Katrine, (845) 802-0328


Winner: Wilson Costa, Misto

Runner-Up: Jesse Frederick, Butterfield Stone Ridge

Runner-Up: TJ Eades, Greig Farm Market

Environmental Advocate/Activist

Winner: Greg Shaheen, Kingston Land Trust

Runner-Up: Hayley Carlock, Scenic Hudson

Runner-Up: Krystal Ford

Food Justice Advocate/Activist

Winner: Christine Hein, People's Place

Runner-Up: Caryn Sobel, Hudson Valley Food Bank

Runner-Up: Jess Davis, Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Furniture Maker

Winner: Hoppy Quick

Runner-Up: Millspaugh Furniture

Runner-Up: Sawkille


Winner: Becky, Fringe Hair Design

Runner-Up: Jenae Yelina - Shangri-La

Runner-Up: Julian Normand, JEWELDOESHAIR

LGBTQ Advocate/Activist

Winner: Julie Novak

Runner-Up: Signy Furiya, Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center

Runner-Up: Victoria Bohmore, Drag Queen

Local Celebrity

Winner: Jennifer Delora

[email protected]



Jennifer Delora is an award-winning deaf actress who speaks, signs, plays Deaf and hearing characters authentically. She starred in the one-woman show “Apples in Winter” at the Denizen to packed houses and great reviews. Emmy magazine called her “...the most remarkable actor in Hollywood”. She’s available for film/TV, stage, and commercial work.

Runner-Up: Jimmy Fallon

Runner-Up: Paul Rudd


Winner: Brenna Chase, Willow Deep Studio

Runner-Up: Kit Burke-Smith Jewelry

Runner-Up: Pierre Bowring, Bow Glass Works


Winner: Pat Ryan Ulster Co. executive

Runner-Up: Antonio Delgado

Runner-Up: Michelle Hinchey NY State Senate

Public Health Advocate/Activist

Winner: Carole Kelder - RYAN

Runner-Up: Jen Metzger

Runner-Up: Joe Concra, O+ Festival

Racial Justice Advocate/Activist

Winner: Rashida Tyler, YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County and The Real Kingston Tenants Union

Runner-Up: Amy Brown White

Runner-Up: Quay Smith, Rise Up Kingston

Radio Personality

Winner: Nadine Ferraro, Radio Kingston

Runner-Up: Greg Gattine, Woodstock

Runner-Up: Ida Hakkila, Radio Kingston

Social Justice Advocate/Activist

Winner: Robin Shornstein, Librarian, Woodstock Day School

Runner-Up: Callie Jayne, Rise Up Kingston

Runner-Up: Jen Metzger

Youth Advocate

Winner: Grace Louis, Head of School, Middle Way School

Runner-Up: Sean Bailey, Family of Woodstock

Runner-Up: Stephanie Doyle, Mentor Me of Ulster County

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