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Baird Hersey and Prana

Baird Hersey and Prana
  • Baird Hersey and Prana

Quoting Wikipedia, “Prana is the Sanskrit word for ‘life force’; in yoga, Oriental medicine, and martial arts, the term refers to a cosmic energy believed to come from the sun and connecting the elements of the universe. The universal principle of energy or force, responsible for the body’s life, heat and maintenance, prana is the sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe.” The word also has another meaning; in ayurvedic medicine, it means “breath.” So it’s no accident it was chosen by Woodstock composer, musician, and yogin Baird Hersey as the name of the Tibetan Buddhist multiphonic vocal overtone ensemble he’s led for nearly a decade. Baird Hersey and Prana have released several CDs but don’t make many live appearances—so the group’s July 13 at the Tibetan Center in Kingston, New York, should definitely be on your calendar.

Comprised of the leader and moonlighting area musicians Peter Buettner, Bruce Milner (once a member of ’60s bubblegum band Every Mother’s Son), Joe Veillette, Julian Lines, Bill “Otto Kentrol” Ylitalo, Kirsti Gholson, Amy Fradon, Julie Last, Julie Parisi-Kirby, and Renee Finkelstein, the outfit conjures up some truly transcendental sounds. Performing a cappella, the group specializes in Tuvan throat singing, an ancient, meditative, otherworldly style known for its beautiful, high whistling harmonics.

Have a listen to this amazing phenomenon right here:

Baird Hersey and Prana will perform at the Tibetan Center in Kingston on July 13 at 8pm. Suggested donation is $20. For more information, call (845) 383-1774 or visit

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