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The sparkling new ReStore in Kingston

The sparkling new ReStore in Kingston

I’m so happy to tell you about my find at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in Kingston! For the past month I have been on a mission to find good quality dining chairs, but I’m on a budget so I haven’t had much luck. I looked everywhere! At the chain stores I found chairs that I would have to assemble for $60 a piece. At local furniture stores I found brand new faux leather chairs that were not within my budget. I wanted something less expensive and with a little character. Someone suggested that I check out ReStore in Kingston on Route 28, which is right next to the Hesse gas station. The store is run by very cheerful and helpful volunteers, and all the proceeds of the furniture go towards Habitat for Humanity.

The space itself is huge, and I was very impressed with the range of furniture. They have everything from retro vinyl hairdresser chairs to very solid high quality wooden dining tables to very gently used sofas. I needed 6 dining chairs and I found a set of 8, 70s style ones that were selling for $325 as a set. I got very excited since the chairs I had seen up until this point at the chain stores were going to cost me twice that amount. I bought the set of 8 chairs, and one of the volunteers helped us put 3 of them in our car. Everyone is very friendly, and can help you find what you are looking for. We also got 6 cute chair cushions for $3 a piece. We are very happy with our new dining chairs, and if you are looking for great deals on furniture, and a way to give to a local charity, ReStore is your place!

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