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Access to local, fresh ingredients and culinary artistry have transformed the Hudson Valley restaurant scene in recent years. Many of our restaurants change menus seasonally so the freshest ingredients are always served using our trademark fine-dining finesse. While New York City is undoubtedly the state’s culinary centerpiece, but we’re going to tell you a secret: Those world-famous New York City chefs aren’t only sourcing their ingredients from the Hudson Valley, they’re also packing up and moving here, bringing their succulent mastery with them.

Celebrity chefs like Zak Pelaccio, formerly of Fatty Crab in Manhattan and Fatty ‘Cue in Brooklyn, traded in his city streets for scenic country roads when he opened Fish & Game in Hudson in 2013. Other country-bound city-dwellers include Mark Firth, formerly of Diner, currently of Prairie Whale in Great Barrington, and John McCarthy, who left WD-50 on the Lower East Side to open the Korean-influenced Crimson Sparrow, also in Hudson.

Culinary excellence is a pivotal part of the Hudson Valley lifestyle, especially with the Culinary Institute of America of Hyde Park in our backyard. The exquisite, gourmet Tuscan cuisine of Il Cenácolo in Newburgh is the closest you can get to Northern Italy from New York without a plane ticket. Indulge in the New American Crave Restaurant & Lounge in Poughkeepsie, whose seasonal menu is hand-picked to ensure quality, creative ingredients by chef-owner Edward Kowalski, a Culinary Institute of America graduate.

Our “foodie” scene is rich with highly trained restaurateurs and locally sourced ingredients, but the most exquisite gems are the unforgettable landscapes. The towering Catskills spill down into the mighty Hudson River, leaving plenty of room for restaurants on the shore and surrounding hills with panoramic views of the unbeatable scenery. From Shadows on the Hudson under the Walkway Over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie to Frank Guido’s Port of Call in Catskill, which offer patio seating right on the water, the Hudson River is the perfect backdrop for a locally sourced burger and brew or a black-tie, high-class culinary rendezvous. Our local food scene continues to grow as a world-class dining destination, with our bountiful crops, five-star chefs, and strong emphasis on artisanal farm-to-table cuisine.

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