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As restaurants across the country shutter, for now or for good, while others bootstrap along on limited revenue from curbside pickup and delivery service, it is an unexpected (surreal? bizarre? triumphant?) time to celebrate the opening of a new eatery. But that's exactly what Lunch Nightly, on Broadway in Kingston, NY is doing today.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, the self-described "deli and whole animal butcher by day and a sexy dive with shareable plates by night," which had planned to open in March, got stuck in a holding pattern, lost in the bureaucratic backlog of Department of Health inspections. On April 15, co-owner Sam Strand told Bon Appetit, "We are in a black hole."

But last Thursday, April 23, the team of five 30-something entrepreneurs finally received the  call they'd been anxiously awaiting: a green light from the DOH, with a liquor license to boot. And so, (cue the drumroll) tonight, Friday, May 1, against all odds, Lunch Nightly is celebrating its soft opening with an inaugural takeout dinner service.

The dual deli/bar, which is occupies the space that formerly housed Peace Nation Cafe, is offering three entree options: a meat dinner, a veggie dinner, and a whole roast chicken; plus a potato salad side, and a peppercorn guava margarita. 

"A huge part of our concept was always based around providing people with fresh local meat, vegetables, and sandwiches to go. So we are grateful that we'll finally be able to offer that, especially at a time when everyone is cooking at home," Strand says. 

The deli/butcher side of the operation is slated to open May 11. In the meantime, Lunch Nightly will be offering dinner service on the weekends. Pre-order online before noon for dinner on Friday and Saturday.

"We're so excited to be open," Strand says. "But what is still sorely missing is the heart and soul of what Lunch Nightly will be—the warmth of the atmosphere that we hope to create, the joy of hanging out with our customers, dancing, making drinks, or just helping them find a new booze that they love."

But until we can dine onsite and cash in on that promised hospitality, we'll have to settle for curbside pickup. So, if you're in the area, treat your roommate, spouse, cat, shadow on a takeout date to the hottest new spot in Kingston.

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