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Cerys Misha Handschumacher
Creating a local food system that works year-round is a challenge in a climate like ours. How do you keep serving and eating farm-to-table in January? How do you make a small farm profitable enough to survive?

Microgreens Pack a Big Punch

Enter microgreens, the adorable tender young creatures that are emerging on the culinary scene as a bona fide superfood. Younger than baby greens, older than sprouts, these wee plants have just finished sprouting their cotyledon leaves, the embryonic ones that form within the seed, and some varieties can be harvested in just a week or two from planting.

Microgreens are about 40 times as nutrient-dense as mature vegetables, and show great medicinal promise. Fresh broccoli microgreens, for example, contain sulforaphane, which research indicates as having significant therapeutic results in treating autism and cancer. Being well-suited to organic and biodynamic farming means the healing possibilities extend beyond the individual. For your micro feasting pleasure, we've rounded up the Hudson Valley's microgreens farmers.
Mighty Nutrition in Mini Form: Hudson Valley Microgreens Producers
Cerys Misha Handschumacher

Atticus Farms

And oh my, are they tasty. Foodies began discovering microgreens in the '80s for their pure joy. “Chefs absolutely love them,” says Kyle Jaster, whose Atticus Farms in West Shokan produces a dozen varieties of microgreens for the wholesale restaurant market, alongside free-forage pigs who dine on the stems of micro-nasturtium and micro-broccoli. “They’re super flavorful, like a spice, and so beautiful on the plate—just the perfect pop of flavor and color," he says. "Meanwhile the incredible nutrient density makes the dish many times healthier.” Try the microgreens in action at Siliva, Butterfield, Catskill Pines and other area restaurants, and keep an eye on  the Atticus Farms Instagram account for info on when their roadside Farm Stand is open, for farm-fresh pork, chicken, microgreens, and flowers.

Tongore Brook Farm

Tongore Brook Farm in Stone Ridge leverages solar and geothermal energy and advanced climate control systems to keep their award-winning four-season greenhouse growing 12 months a year. "Eating them is like experiencing the purified rainwater that feeds the plant itself," says renowned local chef John Novi of Tongore Brook's greens. You'll find Tongore Brook's vibrant micro-radishes, pea greens, and sunflower shoots in their Green Restaurant Association-certified packaging at fine local retailers such as Sunflower Natural Foods, Mother Earth's Storehouse, Nature's Pantry and the Kingston branch of Adams Fairacre Farms, or experience what a chef can do with them at End Cut in West Park..

Hudson Valley Organic

John and Christy Adams have been operating Hudson Valley Organic from their Wawarsing farm since 1985, producing NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) certified micro- arugula, mustard, broccoli, radish, kale and mung bean. Their wares are available at their Union Square Greenmarket stand.

Perfect Foods

Goshen-based Perfect Foods has been growing wheatgrass and microgreens in an indoor growing facility that operates year-round for over 37 years. Perfect Foods supplies more than 450 juice bars and health food stores in the tri-state region with fresh wheatgrass and frozen wheatgrass juice, their own Dr. Squeeze-branded wheatgrass juicers and microgreens in varieties of: broccoli, sunflower, pea, radish, arugula, cilantro, and mustard. You can shop online or arrange for weekly home delivery.

Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie

Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie adds adaptive reuse of urban commercial space to the list of microgreens’ many blessings. Here too you can shop online for micro-originals like IOGOPK’s Micro Spicy Mix and their concentrated vegetable powder, rich in super-healthy sulforaphane. You'll also find their product at Adams Fairacre Farms.

Know of other microgreens producers? Drop a comment below!

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