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Sunflower Market in Woodstock

Since 1978, family-owned and -operated Sunflower Market has dedicated itself to offering healthy and sustainably sourced food to community members who shop at its Woodstock and Rhinebeck locations. From the first days of its founding to today, a major part of achieving that goal has been a commitment to sourcing directly from Hudson Valley growers and makers.

But with so many local brands now on the market, it can be difficult to keep up with who’s up-and-coming in the grocery and wellness categories. Next time you shop, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for these five all-stars among the all-natural products that fill Sunflower’s shelves.


Born of veteran chef Leslie Woodward’s desire to increase accessibility of high-quality, sustainable, nutritious food to underserved communities, Edenesque offers nut and oat milks that contain whole ingredients without fillers or additives. Check out flavors like cashew, oat, and—the newest kid on the block—pistachio milk.]

Catskill Fungi

Catskill Fungi harvests and grows mushrooms within the Catskill Mountains, and sources others within 50 miles of its family farm. The company then creates extracts that, when taken regularly, can deliver micronutrients and components to help people heal themselves. When consumers buy an extract of Turkey Tail, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, or other mushrooms from Catskill Fungi, they know it’s been sustainably harvested and prepared with compassion.

Hudson Valley Skincare

Celebrating its “Farm to Face” mission, Hudson Valley Skincare uses local ingredients to craft soaps, scrubs, and lotions at its home base in Pleasant Valley. But don’t just let your face have all the fun: The company also makes soothing foot treatments, room sprays, and soy-wax candles, among other delightful wellness products.

Feel Good Booch

Single-origin tea combines with fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, then is naturally sweetened with organic sugar or honey before it’s fermented into Feel Good Booch. The raw, never-pasteurized drink comes in a kaleidoscope of flavors, including turmeric and ginger;

purple carrot and passion fruit; and strawberry, rhubarb, and chamomile. The three cofounders choose flavors based on their South American and Caribbean roots, along with a healthy taste of the Hudson Valley.

Ardith Mae

Sixty Saanen, LaMancha, and Alpine goats contribute milk from Ardith Mae Farm—an Animal Welfare-Approved goat dairy in Columbia County—to create luscious, French-style, handmade cheeses. Along with chevre and feta, Ardith Mae makes a half-dozen styles of soft-ripened cheeses, including Mammuth, a Camembert-style cheese, and mixed-milk cheeses as well.

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