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The Corner Bar to Become Sorry Charlie

From Poughkeepsie to Ponckhockie: Goodnight Kenny & Hudson & Packard Owners Take Over a Kingston Neighborhood Bar

Nola Storms Jul 21, 2023 17:01 PM

On the heels of their successful Poughkeepsie business launches, Davina Thomasula, of Goodnight Kenny bar, and Charlie Webb, of Detroit-style pizza joint Hudson & Packard, have set their sights on Kingston. The pair have teamed up to take over longtime neighborhood spot the Corner Bar and Grill.

Sitting on the corner of Delaware and Newkirk avenues, past Midtown as you head toward the waterfront, the spot has long been a local favorite. At the future Sorry Charlie, as they’ve dubbed it, they’re hoping to create a neighborhood bar with a vibe just as fun as the name.

This up-and-coming watering hole, located in the North Ponckhockie neighborhood of Kingston, will serve upscale cocktails, bar food, and pizza, combining the co-owners strong suits. “We’ve assembled the culinary Avengers team and a neighborhood bar vibe,” says Thomasula of the
Half Full Hospitality group she's formed along with Webb, Jasmine Turner, Kristina Keenan, and Craig Capano. “We fell in love with the area. And really, why not put a neighborhood bar in a neighborhood?”

With the recent closing, they are still in the early development stages, redesigning the interior and redoing the kitchen, so the menu is far from being finalized. However, both Thomasula and Webb are excited for some changes. The bar and food offerings will draw upon aspects of their own businesses while trying to create something that is also distinctly its own.

The new business will be a full circle of sorts for the building, which was formerly Poppy’s Pizza a decade ago. As a realtor at Keller Williams, Thomasula knew that the spot was perfect for them. “The history of a space tells you what the building should contain,” she says. “We wanted to bring this space back to what it used to be, just like we did with Goodnight Kenny. If people loved eating pizza here back in the day, why not now?”

The project is just getting up and running, but Webb and Thomasula are itching to welcome the community, hopeful that they can open within six months. Both will continue to run their respective businesses, selling delicious Detroit pies and drinks to the public.

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