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Picture this. You’re a homeowner who has reached out to a design or construction firm sometime in the last two years to inquire about your long-dreamed-of kitchen renovation only to be told that you’ll be lucky if you can start within the next year. Thanks to the supply chain bottlenecks caused by the pandemic, that’s the reality of most renovations these days.

While architects, designers, and contractors have waited for materials and appliances to come back into ready supply, their clients have also kept on tenterhooks waiting to find out when their long-delayed projects would finally start.

click to enlarge Catskill Farms Rides to the Rescue
Images courtesy of Catskill Farms
This Catskill Farms walkout finished basement boasts wood floors and contemporary farmhouse details.

“We know people have been stuck spinning their wheels,” explains Chuck Petersheim, founder of popular Sullivan County-based design-build firm, Catskill Farms. “And we’re ready and able to leverage our talents on their behalf.”

After designing, building, and selling over 300 new homes in the region in the last 20 years, Petersheim’s much-sought-after firm is now offering renovation services. “We’ve been at this for two decades, so we’re quite good at what we do,” he says.

“Historically, most of our business has been new construction from the ground up, but we started out in 2001 with renovations, so we know the drill well. Interestingly, I've never personally lived in one of our new homes, I always renovate. It's fun, challenging, and you have to be creative."

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Images courtesy of Catskill Farms
A new laundry area in a finished basement of a Catskill Farms home

New projects will range from interior renovations such as kitchens, basements, or garages to exterior projects such as decking, as well as hardscaping and retaining walls. “We’re doing what we do best, which is design and construction but on a more bite-sized scale,” he says.

No matter the size, the projects will all boast Catskill Farms’ distinctive contemporary design style, which is reflective of the architectural heritage of the Hudson Valley and inspired by a wide range of American influences and eras.

click to enlarge Catskill Farms Rides to the Rescue
Images courtesy of Catskill Farms
The main entertaining area of a finished basement of a Catskill Farms home

In addition to being a partner to homeowners for the design and construction, Petersheim has always seen his expert knowledge of the local construction scene as a resource for homeowners that extends beyond the project’s finish. “Developing a relationship with a full-service construction company like ours comes in handy in many ways,” he says, pointing to unwieldy home issues that arise during the course of ownership, such as well pump or pool repair. “Having a house is just like having a child,” adds Petersheim. “Ensuring you have all the resources you need at your disposal makes the process that much easier.”

To inquire about renovation or other small-project services from Catskill Farms, email [email protected].

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