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Located just minutes from the center of Woodstock, this spacious four-bedroom home features updated systems and tech, a woodstove and fireplace, ground floor primary bedroom with ensuite bath, two-car garage, organic garden, and a pond with waterfall.

The upstate real estate market may be one of the hottest in the nation, but that doesn’t mean every home is destined to cash in on a bounty of bids. However, those that go quickly and over asking price do all have something in common: a list of must-have features that make living in them part- or full-time or on weekends easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

To learn more about what makes today’s buyers tick, we polled the in-the-know team of agents at leading Woodstock and Kingston based real estate brokerage Halter Associates Realty. Here are the six most popular features they told us that upstate home buyers are asking for right now.

1. Privacy with a Sense of Community

Unsurprisingly, upstate home buyers prioritize privacy. A picture-perfect house nestled among a few acres of woodland affords the kind of solitude the region has long been known for. But buyers don’t necessarily want to be out in the boonies. They also want a thriving community close by where they can easily pop in to town to do some shopping, grab an afternoon pick-me up at their favorite coffee shop, or linger over craft cocktails and a locally sourced dinner with visiting family and friends.

2. An Open, Efficient Layout

The pandemic may have increased the amount of time most of us spend at home, but the casual, flexible style of living and entertaining that open layouts support have long been on trend. Those buying upstate also want to enjoy their rustic environs to the fullest, so the most appealing layouts feature high ceilings that further enhance the feeling of openness, and plentiful windows that let the light and gorgeous scenery pour in from the outside.

With all that open space, however, also comes the need for efficient, discrete storage—think custom built-in shelving, dedicated pantries, and other design solutions that allow homeowners to showcase what they want and tuck away what they don’t.

3. Ground-Level Primary Bedroom

Gone are the days when buyers want the primary bedroom to be located farthest from the main living area. Today, many people prefer to have an easily accessible bedroom located on the main level, with major bonus

points for an ensuite bath. Without the need to climb a flight of stairs day and night, homeowners can comfortably stay in a larger house they love even as they age.

4. Whole-House Generator

While buyers in suburban areas may not put a whole-house generator on their wish list, it can bring those buying a house in the country greater piece of mind. It can be a significant investment, but an automatic whole-house generator can help homeowners comfortably ride out any storm that comes along. And with increased time spent at home due to both remote work and schooling, it can be a real sanity-saver for however long a power outage does last.

5. Fireplace or Woodstove

No house upstate would be complete without a cozy, crackling live fire. Though in times past, a fireplace or woodstove would be expected to be a primary source of heat for the whole house, today they’re mostly beloved as upscale design elements. Be it a hip whitewashed brick fireplace or sturdy cast iron woodstove, many buyers are enchanted by the idea of building a roaring fire and settling in for those cold country nights.

6. Work-from-Home Space

With so many people working from home these days, a dedicated office space (or two) is quickly becoming a must-have feature. These spaces don’t even have to be located within the main home—and often, it can be preferable if they aren’t! Art studios, renovated barn spaces, and apartments above garages all provide ample space to spread out while still enjoying all the comforts of home.

It’s even better if the tech infrastructure is already in place. High-speed internet access is a must for any remote work, and smart home features like programmable thermostats, lighting, and cameras allow homeowners to manage their home and work spaces right from their phones.


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