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Eric Francis Coppolino
Portland, Oregon

We are still coming off of Wednesday's Aries New Moon; with clear skies we may see the new crescent Friday evening, so we're not done with this less-than-subtle event. The New Moon conjunct Venus, Mars, and Eris came with threats of nuclear war from North Korea, a deadly earthquake near a nuclear facility in Iran and a political showdown in the United States over whether felons and the mentally ill should be armed with assault weapons.

Maggie Thatcher kicked the bucket, with England not hiding its antipathy toward her. Manchester United and Manchester City, two of the UK's most powerful soccer teams, both refused to do a moment of silence for the ex-prime minister, from what I have been told, fearing that riots would break out in the stadiums if they did.

And in personal news, well, you tell me. How was your week in relationships? The astrology has been so self-centered as to verge on narcissism. Yet it also provided enough individuality for those who tend to get lost in others to snap out of it for a minute, and to remember that they exist. One person's narcissism is another person's self-actualization.

(You really know it's narcissism when someone demonstrates not just lack of care for those they claim to love, but the refusal to acknowledge their existence.)

We remain in an evolutionary/revolutionary moment, when the image in the astrology is divesting our idea of who we are from structures and institutions, including our concepts of relationship, and "self-concept" as it was dictated to us.

In any case, the astrology of the next week or so is somewhat subtler than it's been the past few weeks. There are not what you would think of as "major events". The dominant aspect in the astrology is a quincunx—a 150-degree connection between Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, and Uranus in Aries.

In the context of what we've been living through, this is actually useful and timely. Uranus in Aries is a long burst of self-awareness, though it can get distracted by glitz and glam. You can derail your spiritual path by getting caught up in what a bright, shiny object you are, or what a deep and spiritual object you are.

The quincunx to Saturn in Scorpio is like leverage that is pushing the boundaries of agreements. Saturn in Scorpio may be desperately trying to cling to the frozen emotional patterns that many people stomp around in proudly, like ice queens and kings. Those in Saturn mode need the heat of those in Uranus mode; and if they don't respond, those in Uranus mode—that is, the self-aware revolution—need to see how people are responding to them.

I'll give you two examples. If you're in self-aware revolution mode, you may notice that someone close to you is trying to cool you down, or get you into their stiff emotional choreography. You have a choice—to stick around and risk hypothermia, or to explore elsewhere and see what you learn.

Those in self-aware revolution mode might also be drawing toward them people who are on a similar wavelength. That could be a lot of fun—though there will be some tension between individuality and conformism in the equation, as there always is on Earth, and I suggest that this be handled consciously. If humans need to learn one thing, it's how to negotiate. Negotiating is the opposite of being a victim.

End of philosophical message for today! I have three bits of audio to tell you about. One is that my new podcast is up on Planet Waves FM.

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See you around town!

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