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Eric Francis Coppolino
Simplified chart section showing Venus (blue "female" symbol) conjunct retrograde Mercury (green glyph with horns) in Pisces. Also shown are Saturn (gold squiggle) making a trine to that conjunction and Pluto (red golf tee) making a sextile (note the number 11 next to each), and the rest of the Pisces planets.

When there's a lot of water in the sky, it's often helpful to have the Moon in a sign ruled by Saturn—which is where the Moon will be through the rest of the week. Let's start with the Pisces angle, which is really a development of the past two weeks. It's still interesting and getting more interesting.

Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces, though this is an unusual kind of phase for that event. Typically the experience has more worldly manifestations, and I have heard of a few of those, but what I am hearing about more are spiritual developments, discoveries and creative breakthroughs.

The spirit seems to be about making contact with what feels right to you. Pisces is energy that feels slightly out of this dimension. Aquarius gives us 'out of this world'. Pisces takes that a level deeper, and introduces us to the side of life that's not answerable to reason. For example, has there ever been a scientific study proving that the Beatles made beautiful music?

What is of the Pisces realm is more subject to faith than it is to proof. And the thing to have faith in now is yourself and your ideas; your feelings and your desires. With all this Pisces, it's a benefit to have the Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius, where it will be through the week and much of the weekend. That provides a boundary, a little mental island in the emotional and creative waters to climb up onto.

That lasts till the Moon arrives in Pisces on Sunday and we really take the plunge into total cosmic empathy—the Moon makes a series of conjunctions, to Neptune, Mercury, Chiron, Venus, the Sun (for the New Moon on Monday) and then Mars.

So—get ready to dive in. Set aside your usual social plans and do what you keep saying you want to do. Don't worry if you're not fully 'up to speed'. You have a whole three days to use the Capricorn and Aquarius Moon to bone up on your discipline and routines.

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