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Aquarius Full Moon: Steam, Ice Cream, Quirky Parties, and a Rising Tide
Amanda Painter

The sky is emphasizing fire and water right now. And although water can put a fire out, if you use the right container, you can also create steam. This weekend, as we approach Sunday’s Aquarius Full Moon, that container comes in the form of Saturn in Scorpio making a T-square to the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius.

In fact, there are whole groupings of planets in Leo and Scorpio, and the Moon will be opposing and squaring all of them as it travels through Aquarius. That series of events begins as the Moon ingresses Aquarius at 9:52am EDT on Saturday, August 9, and could feel like tension that keeps changing its ice cream flavor every time you try to lick the edge of the cone.

Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all fixed signs (as is Taurus, which is not hosting any major planets right now, though some minor objects are in that region). Fixed signs are known for being steadfast and stable—and sometimes taking that to the extreme of ‘stuck.’ If you’ve been noticing any situation in your life that feels like it has reached a plateau or even a deadlock, you can use this Full Moon to get some energy (and therefore the situation) moving productively. Kind of like dipping the ice cream scoop in hot water before digging into the frozen-solid carton.

Sunday’s Full Moon is exact at 2:09pm EDT August 10. While this makes it trickier to use the Full Moon as leverage in a work situation, any personal matters needing a nudge could find some space for clear sailing, particularly if you using timing consciously. Try to schedule a discussion about whatever’s stuck right before the Full Moon; say, about an hour before if possible (this is true of any Full Moon, if it’s exact at a humane hour of the day).

As the Moon and Sun peak and begin to separate, you get an energetic advantage—kind of like how the tide raises all boats—that should show you where the open water is in the situation. You can also use the Full Moon to guide something along that seems unlikely to happen otherwise.

Another great thing about having an Aquarius Full Moon on a weekend? They’re great for parties. Aquarius Moons love to get people together—and the more eccentric, the better. People with the Moon in Aquarius are often rather ‘unique,’ yet productive. And since Aquarius is an air sign and fiery Leo is highly social, you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy lively conversations at any gathering this weekend.

Remember that steam image from the first paragraph? Mars, ruler of Scorpio, is currently several degrees into that sign. Passion is the word right now. If you’re looking for one simple idea to guide you through the next few days (and nights), that’s the one—with or without ice cream.

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