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ARIES (March 20-April 19)

Do you suddenly have the feeling that you're living two lifetimes in one? This sensation may have come out of a psychic closet of sorts; it's been in the background for a while. The sense of "two lives" may involve a relationship experience on the one side, and your experience of your inner world on the other. It could involve two seemingly opposite sets of tendencies that you're noticing in yourself, such as being bold in certain aspects of your life and cautious in other aspects. Or perhaps you're operating with two different sets of goals, each of which seems to have its roots in different circumstances. Now add to this the potential that you're likely to be embarking on a search for yourself through some social or group enterprise. The setup has the feeling of, "If only I could find the right group or the right friends, I would know who I am." I don't suggest you take this route. Rather, I suggest you explore the seeming contradiction within yourself. This may be challenging because so many of the factors seem to be external. The thing is, they're really not; your situation is all about spontaneously discovering who you are in a truly new way. On the inner level, the action piece would include being bold and honest about who you are. On the outer level, it's about actively being who you are regardless of what you imagine any social group or relationship partner might think.

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