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October 2022 is going to be a noisy month. With only five weeks until the Midterm Elections and two diametrically opposed perceptions of reality up for referendum, the cacophony of competing soundbites is inescapable.

Much of October is about recovering from Mercury Retrograde, which ends October 2, though Mercury won’t be back in his pre-retrograde position until October 17. Mercury meets up again with Jupiter October 12 for the third of three oppositions over the last two months. These two just cannot leave well enough alone! Mercury in Libra wants Jupiter in Aries to share credit; Jupiter in Aries wants credit where credit is due. Mars in Mercury-ruled Gemini squaring Neptune adds to the confusion! Done deals may need to be renegotiated; closed conversations may be reopened.

Pluto stations direct in Capricorn October 8, on his way to his second direct conjunction with the USA’s natal Pluto in December. The Sun and Venus square Pluto October 19-20 with Mercury opposite Chiron. Outspoken advocates of justice demand acknowledgment. Dramatic class differences and economic disparities become inescapably visible. Saturn stations direct in Aquarius October 23. While some believe communal actions taken for the common good are based on noble principles, others perceive these actions to be authoritarianism. The New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 with the Moon conjunct Venus and opposite Uranus births an entirely new level of enlightened self-interest.

Mars stations retrograde in Gemini October 30 through mid-January. Opinions and positions change with whiplash speed. As the election approaches, both sides project their worst fears and shadow-sides on to each other. The noise can’t be tuned out, the other choice is to feel it.

As Quiet Riot said: Come on, feel the noise. Sometimes the way around something scary is to go right through it.

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