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The other kind of sexual knowledge falls under the general category of what you might call Tantra—the previously occult wisdom associated with the philosophy of sex-as-existence. There is no limit to the depth of knowledge attainable using sex as a metaphor for existence, and as a mode of healing and of creative expression.

Yet for as long as we're attached to the power trip of sex, we will never get there. Sex must be seen as a vehicle to facilitate the healing process, rather than as a means of getting power over someone, messing with them, monetizing the relationship, an opportunity for blackmail, etc. Power exists at the far end of the sexual spectrum. Once you leave that side of things, you move increasingly toward love, pleasure, and creativity. Remind yourself of this anytime you get caught in any form of a sexual power trip.

Saturn Across the Galactic Core, and Into Capricorn

We have time in this month's column for one more transit (of several big ones taking hold in 2018), and that would be Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn arrives in the first of its two home signs (the other being Aquarius) on December 20, 2017. This transit will first provide a sense of what's missing—and then ripple into an even bigger sense of what must be done about it.

Before Saturn arrives in Capricorn, it makes a conjunction to the Galactic Core, which is in very late Sagittarius. Let's focus on this, and leave the family, corporate, and government Capricorn stuff for the December rodeo.

Speaking in my role as the rock 'n' roll shaman of astrology, I consider Saturn moving across the Galactic Core a major initiation for the human race. Of all the planets to master while living here on Earth, Saturn is the most important, because it addresses structure and time. It's possible to think you can live without those things, though even if you're a yogi who hangs out in a cave for 20 years, that's still about structure (the cave) and time (20 years).

The Galactic Core is like an enormous beacon summoning consciousness to the core of our spiral island in space. Most of us are only dimly aware we live on an island of 300 billion stars, give or take a few. We live on the outskirts, between two spiral arms, which is a metaphor for why our world seems so God-forsaken.

Over the next six weeks or so, Saturn, that central computer associated with structure and time, will encounter the Galactic Core, which contains a giant black hole. That's a meeting of the physical with the anti-physical; of time with the timeless; of a very strange form of energy with all known forms of matter.

Let this event bend your consciousness in the direction of actual spiritual awareness. Let it take you out of the structures that contain your mind, and show you something larger. This is not merely conceptual; or rather, it's no more or less conceptual than you, personally, are. Let yourself be guided to the future, because there is one, and you are it.

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