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CANCER (June 21-July 22)
You’re figuring out that you need more room for yourself—both outer space and inner space. You may think it’s taken you a while to understand this, but really, not as long as you might imagine—and you’re really ready. Over the next couple of months, your creative aspirations are going to take a step forward. This strongly implies you’re getting serious about desires that may have only seemed like fancy ideas in the past. If you’re feeling like you have to rearrange your home or office, or get into something bigger, that’s probably a real signal. Then there is the more elusive concept of inner space. That’s another way of saying: Is there room in your life for you? If there is not, it’s time to start making some adjustments. This will begin with your positive priorities—not what you need to cut. I suggest you focus on getting clear what you want to do, and what your space needs will be. Then start clearing things out of the way. This will help you focus your efforts. If you start by clearing out your time, you may not quite know what to do first. So I suggest you set your agenda and then make room for what you know you want to do. The upsurge in your creative energy will have a way of displacing what’s not necessary, what’s redundant, and what’s no longer serving you. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling cramped, consider that a good sign—evidence that you’re about to molt, as crabs must often do, though this is a big one.

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