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strong>Capricorn (December 22-January 20)
Handle issues involving authority like you’re on the bomb squad. Rule one is: Assume the thing is real. You don’t want to provoke any conflicts with anyone who has authority over you, such as traffic cops, the IRS, or your boss. If you’re in a position of authority, carefully mind your ethics, your sense of fairness, and, most of all, your boundaries. If you practice a policy of holding the line, you will know where the line is. This is vital information if you find yourself arriving at a situation where you have to cross a boundary of some kind, exceed your authority, or stand up to someone because the ethics of the situation demand that you do so. Do not do this casually or unconsciously. Rather, hold off on using this particular expression of power for when it’s clear that it’s your best (but not your only) option. That may happen once, and once only, in the next month. Meanwhile, if you feel anything like this brewing, I have one other suggestion. Additional information that may influence your thinking will emerge after Mercury stations direct on August 8, and a second revelation is coming with the New Moon of August 17. In the situation you’re in, knowledge is power, and you don’t have to impress anyone in order for that power to work. Your primary job is to know the facts, and to see the patterns develop as more information becomes available—which it will. Until then, bide your time.

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