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Capricorn (December 22-January 20)
You are poised to take charge, though I suggest you work with a strategy. Step one involves something called power analysis. This is a conscious dissection of your goals (and figuring out what they are and why you have them); of who in the situation has influence over whom; and of your actual leverage in the situation. You need to place having a clear strategy over your tendency to react or respond emotionally, no matter how strongly you may feel about the situation. You’ve spent a long time analyzing the ethics involved, and examining your own psychological tendencies. Now that it’s time for action, I suggest you remember one thing: The scales of justice can be tipped one way or the other by a single gram. It is therefore vital that you use your influence wisely, and with precision. If you proceed in a reserved, understated way, you will gain the respect of others—particularly if you spend time listening. This process will also build trust. There will be many developments over the next month that seem to take on a life of their own—though I assure you that they’re reasonably predictable—and much more flexible than you might imagine, in case you want to sway things in another direction. The thing to remember is that exerting less influence is better than overdoing things. You want to be respected, not feared. And these days, fortune favors those who are capable of changing their mind—which is another way of saying capable of growing.

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