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August’s message to you: avoid calcification by whatever means necessary. Strive to be supple, fight to be flexible, force yourself to bust through inertia and break on through to the other side. Retrograde Mars will dip into the final degrees of Capricorn from August 30 to September 9, joining Saturn and Pluto in your home sign. Pleasant surprises may be yours when Uranus in Taurus makes a sweet and supportive Earth-trine to Saturn, your ruling planet, all during the month of August. The Last Quarter Moon in Taurus on August 4 trines Pluto in Capricorn, providing surprisingly sensual emotional encounters throughout the day, making “play” in operative word in the phrase “power play.” Saturn in Capricorn until late 2020 puts you in the driver’s seat, your superb selfcontrol empowering you to build the life you want most for yourself on your own terms, so make sure your foundation is firm.

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