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>br />Gemini (May 20-June 21)
You may have been getting the message in recent weeks how crucial it is that you be honest with yourself—and various reminders of how easy it is to be less than honest. It’s not too late, and yet moving forward, it’s essential that you be scrupulous in your self-assessment and your dealings with others. Dishonesty is not always about telling outright lies. It also includes concealing your motives and intentions. It can slip in through being idealistic, exaggerating, or denying certain facts. One thing that will help you is to consider your sense of proportion before you speak or take action. How important is something, really? How important is it that you get your way? In addition, Jupiter in your sign is offering you depth and wisdom, but its square aspect to Neptune cautions that you could dismiss what you know because you consider it inconvenient. This is another way of saying don’t let your idealism get in the way of perceiving the truth of any situation. Rather, get under the surface and be honest about your motivessomething that has not been easy for you lately. As the month develops, you could find yourself involved with a crusade of some kind, or at least, a crusading attitude. And if that turns out to be true, you’ll want your moment of commitment to be based on something authentic. Doing this well is a matter of practice, then, of preference. I suggest you start with the commitment to being all real, all the time.

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