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It is time for you to think bigger, which means with a long-range vision and focusing your sense of mission. This is setting a high standard in a world where 140-character messages by rank idiots make world news, but so be it. Over the next few weeks, information is likely to come through that has nothing to do with your work-a-day world, your circle of friends or any of your usual patterns of conversation. You will be getting big-picture information at the same time you experience a kind of earthquake around the values that guide your life. Go deeper, not for an hour or for a special occasion, but rather take your whole existence into the realm of active meaning. When you recognize that something you feel or think is true, or when you have an experience that changes you, start making decisions—immediately—based on what you have learned or discovered. Stop yourself from making excuses not to. It would be helpful if you were to take notes, by which I mean carry a notebook and use it, because there are some observations you will make that will evade memory. These are things you will want to remember, indeed, things for which you may have searched a lifetime.

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