Gemini: A Hudson Valley Horoscope for May 2018 | Gemini | Hudson Valley | Chronogram Magazine

GEMINI (May 20–June 21)

It's good that you're so adaptable, because the conditions of your life, and of society, have called on you to use that gift. This is especially true in social situations, where you're at your best and tend to be a natural leader. Yet the social ground has been shifting beneath your feet. As versatile and as open to new modes of communication as you are, you've probably noticed the way in which necessary structures that would ordinarily hold a community together have been shifting rapidly. Were you to go back just five or 10 years, and actually remember the way people treated one another, communicated and got together, what is happening today would seem toxic and insane. You may be noticing this, seemingly all at once. When Uranus leaves your 11th house mid-month, you'll have a clearer view of your environment, and you'll be able to perceive things more clearly. And when you do, you will want to make some adjustments to the way you interact with the world. You may feel a strong need to pull in and focus on yourself rather than your outer environment. You may decide you need to be more selective about who you engage with, even on the most casual social level. You might need to set some limits on "social" media, and perhaps commission a thorough review of how it's changed not just your life but who you are.

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