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Happy Birthday Cancer!

The seemingly endless Mercury retrograde of May and June is finally over and a new season has begun. If that big hunk of iron going past the Earth set your life into various shades of technological or financial chaos, use the new environment to gently set things back in order. Planetary movements for July take us from a prevailing state of restless mental agitation (a heck of a lot of Gemini) into a space of emotional depth (the Sun and personal planets in Cancer). There’s a significant difference, as you will feel. The widely perceived problem with emotions is that they seem to put us in a passive position. We seem so subjected to their movements, their currents, their unpredictability. When we’re mentally obsessed, we have the illusion of control. When the emotional waters grow deep, many people feel helpless, and retreat to their prefab concepts and ideas about life. However, there is nothing passive about feeling. Indeed, feeling is a form of initiative because it allows us to exist in the moment, within a shared environment. The ultimate proactive position in life is to be sincere. This month’s astrology will support you in doing just that. In my view as an astrologer and traveler, it’s worth the risk.

Aries (March 21-April 19)
I suggest you direct your energy and aggression toward feathering your nest. Such is not the pinnacle of human civilization, but in a sense it is the foundation of it. For the next couple of weeks, you may feel like you’re banging your head against a wall where work-related projects are concerned. You may be up against all of your limits, and there may be someone driving you to the edge of your patience, and you may have got the idea from somewhere that it’s your job to fix them. In the alternate, you may decide it’s your job to fix yourself. Growth, however, consists of more than mental or mechanical tinkering, and in a fairly short time, you’re likely to have decided that so much that you thought was wrong is simply well enough. Perfection for you is now a matter of easing back rather than driving forward. You clearly want a sense of belonging, of safety, of an environment that can support you, but the way to be there is to receive and accept, rather than to conquer and be aggressive. This is a fancy way of saying despite the many pressures you are under, take it easy.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
You may be in a titanic struggle to set some aspect of your creativity free. It would not be a stretch to say that you’re also trying to dissolve some stubborn block to your erotic expression, which I would note is predominantly a mental block. If you are seeking the assistance of someone in this effort, be careful what role you assign them. Many people feel that it’s acceptable to let others take their risks, or to put themselves in a position that is essentially a setup for their own submission. This often happens when you cannot submit to your own will. You can then allow yourself to be backed into a corner and have certain decisions be made for you, or to allow someone else’s desire nature to take over where your own is lacking. One way to look at this month’s astrology on a psychological level is as an exploration of a struggle between your craving for curiosity and passion, and your tendency to be conservative, withholding, or psychologically rigid. On the interpersonal level, it’s a study in the role that you assign to men. You may fear that if you respect their strength, you must succumb to your own weakness. But that is not necessary.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You may have come to the point where you decided that making any decision was better than making no decision at all, and you will soon see how that works out for you. I can assure you that while it won’t develop quite as you planned, you set up the situation excellently for the opportunity to make another choice at an opportune moment. It’s important that you eliminate the concept “setback” or “detour” from your lexicon and instead work with the concept that each of the odd events of your recent life is leading you to the right place. This is particularly true regarding a financial decision you seem to be making, or the choice about how to manage some of your assets. To reduce the margin for error, you need to think in terms of what you have rather than what you don’t have; what you are doing right rather than what you are doing wrong; what you know rather than what you don’t know. It is true that the past few weeks have been frustrating, but they’ve had a silver lining. You learned a lot about yourself, and by some odd coincidence, you have arrived right at the point where you can put that knowledge to work.

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