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You have been working toward something, though you might discover that it was something other than what you thought. Whatever unusual developments arrive in your professional life, meet them full on and without hesitation. You have been preparing for this moment. It's your chance to do two things. One is to break free of some pattern that's kept you living or working one particular way for longer than you have wanted or expected to. The other is to meet people whom you perceive as powerful either on their level, on your terms, or both. You are done being intimidated by people, only to discover the daunting factor was in your own mind. Said another way, the genuine benefit of this time in your life is your opportunity to even out the playing field. If you remember that this is entirely psychological, it will be easier and more fun. Along the way, you're likely to see an opening to an expanded reputation or a level of notoriety that far exceeds your hopes or expectations. Yet forthcoming aspects describe you discovering the ability to connect, emotionally and creatively, with something much larger than yourself. That something is usually experienced as intangible or as vanished into the landscape. You can feel it, hear it, and smell it, and you're about to see what the heck it really is.

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