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You must do something about any lingering inferiority complex that you have, or the present one that's driving you nuts. First, let's get one thing out of the way: The world is designed to make us all feel inferior and inadequate. All the advertising and politics and catty, competitive social interactions that seem inescapable: All are designed to erode your confidence in yourself, which then can become a permanent judgment. There are alternatives to inferiority. One is finding people you sincerely look up to, who serve as models. You assign them a "superior" role and then aspire to their greatness. We live in tough times because we silently expect everyone who seems good and decent to be revealed as a fraud. Be careful about that thought form, and take a balanced view of people you hold as exemplars. Another is recognizing that we all have equal potential, and what we get out of life is a matter of what we invest. Let's put it this way: There are some aspiring guitarists who hear Derek Trucks play and feel inferior and disheartened. Others hear him play and think, "I want to play that well. I know it'll take practice." Which of these do you choose? One last bit: take everyone as your teacher. The wise, the nutty, the young, the old, the dogs, the cats, and the bunnies.

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