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LEO (July 22-August 23)

The concept of belief is one of the most significant and invisible issues of consciousness. Belief—not truth—often runs the world, and tends to run our lives. What we believe becomes what is true for us, and then that perceived truth reifies itself. This is how people come to believe many things that have no basis in reality. You're in the process of having all—and I do mean all—of your beliefs about yourself up-ended, which I would say is some of the best news in years. This may feel like it's happening overnight, though it's part of a long process of figuring out where you stand with yourself.

That is another way of saying you're discovering your potential, and I dare say that as this happens, the feeling will be shocking. You may find yourself exploring entirely new domains of possibility on a daily basis. For a measure of distance, consider how far your ideas are from the ones you were raised with. Meanwhile, you may feel like you're under some kind of odd spotlight that is making your soul visible to the world. The concept "original intention" comes to mind, in terms of your sense of remembering what you came here to do, and why. It would be healthy for you to make friends with how little money means to you, when you get to the bottom of your values system. It's not that you don't enjoy or appreciate money, but rather, it does not serve as a direct motivator in the way that you so often see in the world around you.

Rather, you are driven by your devotion to service, to excellence and most of all to community. Make friends with that. As you connect with and draw strength from your true values, you will find that money is much more abundant and, indeed, more useful.

The thing to place emphasis on is time. Your perception of time is changing, and that includes the value of time. The time deficit that the world seems to be experiencing is happening in the midst of a world obsessed with planning and speculation. You have little need to do either of these things. Your power, your deepest contentment, and your knowledge of your actual potential are available right now. If you feel that your ideas lack solidity, remember that it is you who gives them life the moment you think them.

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